Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital Doggie Daycare - Rosebud playingOur family has been very pleased and surprised by the Emmitsburg Doggie Daycare. Not only have they taken great care of our 10 month old pup Rosebud, they have all taken a great interest in helping her socialize with other dogs and people friends too. She was such a mess when we rescued her four months ago. Even though she is a work in progress we all see what a wonderful dog she can be. The support and hard work of everyone at EDDC has made a big difference in our family with Rosebud in it.

Stella Mackosky and Family

Dog Choko getting some some at EVH Doggie DaycareMy dogs have been getting wonderful care at Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital for the last 7 years. The doctor gets right down on the floor with my dog or sit in a little kiddie chair and spends time getting to know them. The concern and empathy has been especially important with my dog Choko since he has a seizure disorder. When I lost my dog Buster they were so great with the whole process and surprised me with a paw print and a donation to the animal shelter in Buster’s name. The wonderful doctors along with their wonderful staff understands where you are as a pet owner and your wishes about diagnosis and treatment. They go out of their way to make sure your pet is comfortable as well as you. They get to know you and your animals, and truly care about them. They are all very professional, knowledgeable, and nice. In addition they have a wonderful doggie daycare that works wonderful for single owners like me. When I take my dog for day care he is so tired when he goes home its lights out so he can dream about all his new friends. I just love it and so does he!! Thank you to all the doctors and all the staff for all the wonderful support and help you have given me and my boy Choko.

Kathy Speak & my boy "Choko"

I would not trust my pets to any other place! They are the most caring people! Words can not express how thankful I am that I found this vet hospital. Everyone goes above and beyond!!

Carol Cullison

I have been a client of the Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital for 12 years. During that time, the doctors have cared for my horses, dogs and cats. They made prompt house calls when my horses needed emergency care and are experts with large animals. At the annual Horse Clinic for their large animal clients, they visit each barn and provide all inoculations to horses and barn cats thus saving their clients time and money.

On the small animal side, I have had 4 pets spayed and neutered at Emmitsburg. In all cases surgery was performed without complication and my pets were treated compassionately and received outstanding care. Not only are the vets wonderful, but the entire staff is superbly trained, experienced and profoundly interested in helping animals.

Scheduling of appointments is easy and wait times are minimal. The vets and staff at Emmitsburg have also been wonderful supporters of Adams County SPCA. They have volunteered at our spay and neuter clinics and provide emergency care for our pets.

There is no better place to take your pet on the planet!

Devon – 7 year old English Pointer
Katie Caroll President Adams County ACSPCA

I have taken my cats to the Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital for over eleven years. They have been under the care of Dr. Lisa Wolkind for the past several years. The eldest, Tigger, lived to be almost 21 years of age. Samantha is now 20-1/2 and Clementine is 17 or 18 years of age. I have no doubt that they would not be living to this advanced age without the excellent care they have received at your facility. A special thank you to Dr. Wolkind for her dedication. The veterinarians and all the office staff are helpful, caring, and compassionate. I will never forget the support they gave me when I lost Tigger.

Jean E. Mattson

Purrfect Feline Friends has worked with the Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital for over 3 years in helping placing homeless /shelter cats. We have place over 30 cats in loving homes. It is a real pleasure to work with a professional and caring staff @ Emmitsburg Veterinary hospital. The cats always receive excellent care and with compassion. I bring my own personal cats to them for veterinary service , and they receive the best care!!!

Emmitsburg is a “purrfect” hospital for your pet needs.

Catherine Pacak
Purrfect feline Friends

For 16 years we have been visiting the Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital. During this time we have come to know and trust the wonderful people who are part of th is caring and professional group. From the minute you walk in the door you are met with a smile, everyone involved with the care of our dogs have shown compassion and love of what they do and their furry patients. Sarah our black lab has not had an easy time of it,from the age of three when she suffered a spinal stroke to various ailments, she keeps wagging and wiggling. A lot of that is because of the skill and expertise ofDrs. Matthews and Wolkind. And a lot of it has to do with all the peoplethere, they truly love what they do, and they care for the people and pets who come there. We were lucky 16 years ago when we found them, they have been a gift in our lives.

John, Joan and Sarah Howard

The staff at Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital has become like a second family to me. Their genuine concern for the well being of my "babies" has kept me coming back even through 3 moves. I currently travel 45 minutes to come there and even though there are vets closer to me, I trust the staff at Emmitsburg completely and would not go anywhere else. Their kindness and compassion for not only my babies but for me as well, is truly a thing of rare beauty. Whether it’s just a follow-up call to say "Hey, how is your baby doing?" (oftentimes after a very long day for work) or making phone calls on my behalf to specialists to try to get a "complete picture", they go that extra mile without complaint. I know that when I pick up that phone and someone at the hospital answers, I am not talking to veterinary staff members but friends as well. Knowing that all of our babies, including our foster ones, are under their care helps us rest much easier at night.

Courtney Kennedy